Intel Clover trail based Windows 8 tablets to ship in November: Report

Windows 8 tablets running on Intel’s Clover processor will start shipping in November this year, CNET reports. The report also says that tablets will make a small chunk of the Windows 8 user base as more than 50 percent of the new Windows 8 based hardware will be of a hybrid form factor consisting of a touch-screen display and a full keyboard. However, these devices are expected to run Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge CPU which has been built on a 22nm process.

The Clover Trail tablets on the other hand will be dual-core versions of the Medfield chip powering the Lava Xolo X900. Like the Medfield Atom processor, the Clover Trail chips will be built on a 32nm process and will support legacy applications, unlike the Windows RT tablets that will run ARM based chips from Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instruments.

The report also talks about the successor of the Clover Trail chipset, which is being called Bay Trail. This chip will be built on a 22nm process and will supposedly provide a massive performance boost while offering similar battery life as Clover Trail. This chip will also use Intel’s own graphics technology alongside incorporating 3G/4G radios from Infinion, a company Intel recently acquired.


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