iPad 5 live: Apple launches new version of iLife for Mac OS X Mavericks and iOS devices, available for free for new buyers


Still no sign of the new iPads but Apple has just released a new version of iLife for both iOS and OS X Mavericks users. The new update does not only bring a new fresh look but also new features. It is available for free for new Mac and iOS device buyers and the update is also available for existing users. iLife will work as a native app, which will ensure it utilizes the 64-bit processor on the iPhone 5.

The new iLife utilizes iCloud to the hilt, ensuring that iPhoto, Garageband and iMovies are always synced across devices. Users will be able to access and event edit Photobooks on iPhoto on iOS devices. Garageband too gets better features including the ability to collaborate with other users live and new tracks. Users can also access iMovies created on one device across other devices.