iPhone 5, anodized aluminum casing being blamed for global shortage: Report

So far, Apple’s launch of the iPhone 5 has more or less gone according to plan. There have been few mishaps here and there, in particular the gaffe related to maps and the easily scratched anodized aluminum casing, but as far as sales are concerned the iPhone 5 has been a slam-dunk. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is starting to see a slowdown in production of the iPhone, because it has now tightened the quality control in Foxconn in the wake of reports that claim certain iPhone 5 units were shipped with random dings and scratches.

Senior Apple Mangers have reportedly told Foxconn executives to tighten quality control over the anodized aluminum casings in September. Tighter control over the casing will mean there be a shortage in the supply of the iPhone 5.  Apple takes a lot of pride in the quality of its products and the scratchy nature of the iPhone 5 is a rare indiscretion in its quality standards.

Photo Credits: BGR Classic


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