iPhone 5s apps crash twice as often as they do on iPhone 5, iPhone 5c


New hardware launches are often plagued with various bugs and errors that are gradually accounted for in the weeks and months following release. Apple’s latest smartphones have both received a fair amount of criticism for security breaches and exorbitant prices, but one issue only seems to be present on the iPhone 5s. AllThingsD shared a report from Crittercism which states that “programs crash about two percent on the iPhone 5s, as compared to just under one percent on both the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.”

Crittercism CEO Andrew Levy believes that the reason the iPhone 5s is suffering from this problem on a greater scale than the other iPhone 5 models is that although app developers had access to iOS 7 months in advance, they did not have access to the 5s hardware. The iPhone 5cruns on the same hardware as the iPhone 5, so it was prepared to handle virtually anything the iPhone 5 could run.

As Apple trickles out updates over the coming months, the crashes should become much less common.

  • Kalpak Khemka

    If I was asked to investigate the reason behind the crashes, I would promptly point the finger at those two 64 bit cores. The market is not ripe yet to go full blown with 64-bit cores. Honestly, the benchmark advantages that we see in Cyclone is because of custom ARMv8 instruction set than the advertized 64-bit cpus. We can expect such performances from Qualcomm soon. In fact I have a feeling Qualcomm will one up Apple, though iOS and Cyclone cores are designed specifically for each other.