iPhone 6 aka iPhone Air with 5.5-inch display reportedly delayed until 2015


Apple, as we all know, is working on two new iPhones — a 4.7-inch variant and a 5.5-inch variant — with the former expected to be unveiled in September and the latter towards the end of this year. But a new report from Taiwanese publication Commercial Times now claims that the 5.5-inch phablet has been further delayed into next year.

According to the report, suppliers are facing issues with developing a thin battery for the iPhone 6. If the leaked press renders are anything to go by, Apple is developing an ultra-thin device with curved edges. To fit into the slim chassis, Apple wants a battery no thicker than 2mm, but manufacturers can’t get it thinner than 2.8mm.

The report also adds that owing to the new design and form factor, the iPhone phablet could be called iPhone Air. Apple has used to the Air moniker for its ultra-slim devices like the iPad Air and the MacBook Air. It won’t be surprising if Apple does go with the name, but the report warns that it is not an official name, but something being used by suppliers.

An internal document recently revealed how Apple has realized that “buyers now want what it didn’t have”, which is bigger displays. It is high time the company moves on from sticking to the “just right” display sizes. Though the unveiling of a 4.7-inch variant is likely to interest buyers, there is clearly more interest/curiosity about the bigger 5.5-inch variant. A delay could have a detrimental effect on the sales of the 4.7-inch variant, as buyers would rather wait for a few more months for a bigger and potentially better iPhone 6.

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