iPhone jailbreaker Saurik achieves root access on Google Glass

#ifihadglass I would jailbreak it and modify the software (obviously). As Google actually sold me one; I did my part.…

iPhone jailbreakers are a resourceful bunch. Well, they have to be considering the type of restrictions Apple puts in place on iOS. Now legendary iPhone hacker Saurik aka Jay Freeman has claimed to have achieved root access on Google Glass Explorer Edition via a known exploit for Android 4.0, but claims it was first discovered by a hacker known as B1nary. According to him, Google Glass runs Android 4.0.4.

Freeman spoke to Forbes and said the hack was simple enough and he managed to crack the device by simply fooling it into thinking that it was an emulation instead of real hardware only in a matter of hours. Since emulations are meant for testing software, all permissions are enabled and root access is achieved.

Apparently, Saurik is not the first to root Google Glass as developer Liam McLoughlin also managed to root the device. It’s worth noting that Google Glass is still at a very early stage and still not near shipping. These early loopholes will probably help Google make the device even more secure. That said, these roots can also possibly help developers sell it to a third party and not worry about Google deactivating the product remotely.

  • Published Date: April 27, 2013 2:50 PM IST