IPL 2014: How does the umpire cam work?


IPL 2014 has kicked off tonight with Mumbai Indians taking on the Kolkata Knight Riders at Abu Dhabi. Everybody watching the match must have noticed that the on-field umpires have a strap across their shoulders as well as a small camera on top of their caps. These are essentially umpire cams, which add a new dimension to the way we watch the action on the pitch.

The small camera clipped to the tip of the cap, seems to be connected to a battery pack on the umpire’s back. There is a strap running across his shoulders which must conceal the wires connecting the camera to the battery pack as well as a radio relay to transmit the videos back to the production control room.

The umpire cam adds to the long list of cameras used in a stadium that includes the usual TV cameras around the stadium, a stump cam, the super slo-mo cameras as well as the Spidercam, which is basically a camera suspended over Kevlar cables and controlled by motorized winches.

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