Is Microsoft paying Sony, Samsung to make one Windows Phone smartphone each?


The man who predicted Nokia would go with Windows Phone exclusively for its smartphones and would eventually be acquired by Microsoft way back in 2010 is now claiming that Microsoft is paying Samsung and Sony to make one Windows Phone smartphone each. According to Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft is paying Samsung $1.2 billion, Sony $500 million, Huawei $600 million and others $300 million to make a Windows Phone device each.

Earlier today we reported the sighting of a Samsung Windows Phone device and Sony is reported to be developing a Vaio-branded Windows Phone smartphone as well. Apart from enticing these OEMs with what was called “platform support fee” in Nokia’s case, Microsoft is also reported to be lowering or making its Windows Phone license free.

As always, it is difficult to verify Murtazin’s claims but one really needs to wonder why Samsung would peddle into Windows Phone again after its experience with the platform in the past when it merely announced Windows Phone smartphones but never launched them in most markets. Similarly, even Sony had made clear its commitment to Android as its only smartphone platform. Can the handouts from Microsoft be incentive enough?

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