> > iShower, Bluetooth speaker for your shower to be unveiled at CES

iShower, Bluetooth speaker for your shower to be unveiled at CES

iDevices, will announce the iShower , a water resistant, Bluetooth-enabled speaker that plays music directly from all Apple devices (including iPhones and iPods) and Android devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. iDevices claim, iShower mounts in ones shower or can be taken to the beach or pool for up to 15 hours of safe listening. According to the company, it will remember up to five Bluetooth pairings, letting users enjoy their favorite music with their preferred music source in aqua-centric environments that would otherwise potentially harm their device.  Featuring long-range Bluetooth with a 200-foot range, the iShower will be detachable for use in the backyard, the pool, or even the beach. The device will cost $99 and will come with three AAA batteries, though no market release has been announced.  In the meanwhile hit the break and check out the tech specs of the device.

        Play/pause/forward/rewind & volume functions.

        200-foot range — leave your device anywhere in your home away from potential water damage.

        15 hours of streaming audio on 3 AA batteries (included).

        Water resistant.

        Time of day display.

        Easy installation (no tools needed).

        Detaches, easy to use on the go.

        Standing and hanging options.

        Optional anti-fog shower mirror.