Jabra Speaker 510 Bluetooth speakerphone launched in India for Rs 11,000

Jabra is pretty well known for its wireless audio products and today it has launched the Speaker 510 in India for Rs 11,000. Unlike the previous model the 410, this model adds Bluetooth so it can be paired up with a device to transmit audio wirelessly.

Its primary use will be as a speakerphone for conference calls, but Jabra has built some interesting functionality into it so that it can be used in different scenarios beyond the conference room.

It has 15 hours of battery life and features omni-directional microphones so that the call quality remains consistent. Using Bluetooth, it can be paired-up with a wide array of devices and has a range of 100 meters.

Jabra even touts the Speaker 510 as good speaker for listening to music, but frankly we’d rather opt for an audio product that has been designed for music rather than as a speakerphone. That said, considering its diminutive size it can easily be an audio companion for your laptop or can even be used in the car.

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