> > Jelly Bean now runs on 40 percent of Android devices

Jelly Bean now runs on 40 percent of Android devices


According to the latest Android distribution stats, the uptake of Jelly Bean continues to grow on mobile devices and it now enjoys 40 percent share of the total Android ecosystem. The Android distribution data as of August 1 states that while Jelly Bean leads with maximum share of the Android distribution pie chart, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich follow closely behind with 33 percent and 22.5 percent respectively.

The data suggests that growth rate for Jelly Bean this month has slowed down to 2 percent against the 5 percent growth recorded last month. Though, with the recent launch of the 4.3 version of the Jelly Bean, it is expected to gain share in months to come and leave the once leading Gingerbread version further behind.

Jelly Bean first toppled Gingerbread in June with 33 percent of the smartphone share and is consistently growing with the current foothold being recorded at 40 percent. In terms of the versions with the Jelly Bean platform, the 4.1.x version of Jelly Bean now holds 34 percent of the market against 32.3 percent recorded last time, and 4.2.x now records 6.5 percent, which is close to a percent more than the stats for last month.

If the display size is to be considered, surprisingly there still has not been any change noticed in the larger screen device adoption. The large screen phones comprising 5-inch and larger devices continue to hold 5.7 percent and 4.4 percent share in the market. The small screen devices with 3 to 3.5-inch screen however have come down to 9.8 percent, while the normal sized devices have now reached 80.1 percent than 79.9 percent last month.