Job listing confirms Google/Motorola ‘X-phone’ being developed: Report

Rumors about the Motorola ‘X-Phone’ have been making rounds of the internet for quite some time now. But these rumors are set to be put to rest with the a report on The Verge which talks about a job posting for a Senior Director of Product on the official LinkedIn page of Motorola. The listing, now removed, detailed the duties of the position, which would oversee the launch of a new device and deal with carrier relationships when bringing it to market. The official job board on Motorola’s website carries a similar job posting, except that there is no mention of the X-Phone.

The rumor mills on the internet have been running round the clock for the past year talking about Google leveraging its Motorola brand to develop a secret phone termed the ‘X-Phone’. Recently there also have been rumors about Google planning to launch this phone at the Google I/O running the latest Android ‘Key Lime Pie’. Though not much is known about the phone, the device is expected to flaunt an edge-to-edge display that will be almost bezel free and will be available through multiple carriers in the US just like the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Additionally, this device could also feature some Motorola specific features.


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