Jony Ive making big changes in iOS 7, OS development allegedly running behind schedule

The next version of iOS could bring the biggest overhaul to the iPhone’s operating system, if Apple blogger and commentator John Gruber is to be believed. According to Gruber, Apple engineers with privileges of carrying the new iPhone or an iPhone running iOS 7 are using polarizing filters on the display (privacy screen guard?) to ensure that no one else can see the major UI changes. He calls them significant system-wide UI overhaul. This contradicts earlier reports that the design changes would be conservative in the new version of iOS. Apple’s design chief, Jonathan Ive, was handed the mandate of working on iOS UI after Scott Forstall was booted from the company last year for bungling Apple Maps.

Gruber also says that iOS 7 development is running behind schedule and engineers from OS X team have been pulled to work on it. As expected, Ive is also said to have removed elements of skeuomorphism from iOS, a Forstall trademark, from iOS 7, which Gruber insists would please many but could also disappoint those who love rich textures.

Apple is expected to launch the next generation iPhone later this summer and it typically shows off the new version of iOS every year at its developer-centric WWDC event in June.

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