Larry Page wanted to build Google Glass 14 years ago

Wired Magazine’s Steven Levy has always had special access to Google. Heck, he wrote In the Plex, a book that catalogued how the company operated. Today, he published an exclusive interview with Google CEO Larry Page and the interview not only gives some unique insight in the way how he runs the company but some very interesting revelations were made. Perhaps the most interesting revelation was that Larry Page wanted to build Google Glass 14 years back when he was still in Stanford University building Google with Sergey Brin.

Page had spelled out the specs for what we now know as Google Glass back in 2002, but then Page went on to state that he wanted to do it even before, but he never had the guts to pull it off.  He stated Google X was about making unique breakthrough products and not iterative products that the company was already the best at. He talked about giving users a wildly better user experience.

Besides this, he also took potshots at both Apple and Facebook. When asked about Steve Jobs’ thermonuclear war against Android, he replied, “How well is that working?” Additionally he said that Facebook was doing a really bad job with its products without going into specifics.


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