Lenovo and Reliance to launch a range of CDMA/GSM smartphones that will run on Reliance’s dual-mode network

Reliance Communications (RCOM) today announced its partnership with Lenovo to launch a range of smartphones exclusively for customers using its network.

The Reliance Lenovo co-branded smartphones will run on Android (The version of the operating system has not been revealed), a minimum of a dual-core 1GHz processor and will work on the CDMA and GSM network simultaneously using the Reliance ‘dual-mode’ network to switch calls between the two networks automatically based on the strength and quality of the signal. The co-branded smartphones will be available across a distribution network managed by Reliance and Lenovo.

Reliance claims that both these devices will support all the latest apps and will have strong battery life, but that’s a claim we will need to vet for ourselves. These smartphones will be available across 3500 stores operated by Lenovo and Reliance across the country.

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