Lenovo launches IdeaCenter Horizon Table PC with 27-inch display, wants you to go ‘phygital’

Lenovo has kicked off CES 2013 with the first major announcement of the show with the IdeaCenter Horizon Table PC, which the company is touting as a multi-personal PC running on Windows 8. The 27-inch touchscreen toting Horizon clocks in at a massive 7.7Kgs. Nevertheless, the Table PC does remind us of the Microsoft Surface table PC (not to be confused with the tablet).

The behemoth can either be oriented like a regular desktop display or lie flat on a surface, which kicks off Lenovo’s Aura multi-user, multi-touch interface. The company has tied up with the likes of Ubisoft, EA Sports and Bluestacks to bring some games and tablet apps customized for the Table PC. Users can also buy optional accessories like joysticks, e-dice and more to interact with games, a concept Lenovo calls being ‘phygital’. Whatever.

The IdeaCenter Horizon Table PC will be powered by Nvidia’s GeForce graphics processor coupled with an Intel Core i7 processor. It will be available this summer starting from $1,600 (approximately Rs 87,000).

Lenovo also has a 39-inch prototype device on show at CES, which is codenamed Gamma.

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