Lenovo reimagines the ThinkPad T431s with a new modern industrial design

In this generation of UltraBooks, Lenovo’s iconic ThinkPad business notebook range is still considered to be part of the old guard. Yes, there may be some new modernized models like the X1 Carbon, but most ThinkPads are typified by their keyboards, ruggedity, the central tracker, but they are almost considered to be the boring old workhorse. Lenovo is trying to change that, and add some ‘cool’ to its flagship notebook line. After all, this is the line that makes Lenovo famous, the old IBM era heritage still weighs its weight in gold and Lenovo has announced a new T431s model that takes multiple design cues from the IdeaPad range and the more consumer centric ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

The idea behind the ThinkPad T431s was to make an UltraBook for businesses. Lenovo states that it has modernized the display with a slimmer bezel and at the sametime added more ports, while also making is thinner.

The hinge on the T431s now opens at a 180 degree angle that make it ideal for using in one lap.

The old ThinkPad trackpad has now been replaced with a new glass touchpad which has five buttons and supports Windows 8 gestures. While doing so, Lenovo retains the pointer dot, for old time users.

The keyboard now borrows cues from the X1 Carbon and now has a six row island style keyboard, abandoning the traditional ThinkPad keyboard. It also now has inbuilt multimedia keys and there are a number of Windows 8 specific function incorporated.

The position of the fingerprint reader has now been changed and speakers are now essentially invisible as they are near the drop down hinge.

Lenovo has even refined the iconic ‘Black’ shade that has been part of the ThinkPad range for 20 years. They now call it Graphite Black.

Just like Apple, Lenovo has changed the orientation of the Logo and now when someone looks at ThinkPad from the back can look at the branding in the proper orientation.

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