LG does a Samsung, cripples G2′s user available internal storage with UI crapware


One would think that companies would learn from mistakes made by their rivals and ensure they do not commit the same. But the race to copy or outdo each other in Korea seems to be so intense that companies are willing to commit bigger mistakes than what its rival has in the recent past. Hell broke loose for Samsung earlier this year, when it was found that its bloated TouchWiz UI left less than 9GB of user space in the Galaxy S4 that was sold as a 16GB model. Samsung had to eventually release a software update that freed around 500MB of data and let users save apps on microSD card slots. Not learning from Samsung or probably taking a leaf out of its playbook, LG has gone a step further with its flagship G2 smartphone.

Our 32GB G2 review unit shows only 24.8GB available or about 23 percent of total claimed storage is not available to users. It is understood that one would never get the entire claimed storage considering there is the OS and then all the UI elements and add-ons that require space but 23 percent is a bit too much. But things get worse in the 16GB variant where we are told only 10.6GB is available. In other words, 33 percent of the claimed  storage is never available to users.

While Samsung still had the option to tell users they could use a microSD card slot if they run out of internal storage on the Galaxy S4, there is no memory card slot in the G2 that leaves users with no way out.

This race to cram phones with features that either never work or users never bother to us has to stop. I had written earlier about how Android’s crapware problem is getting worse and the LG G2 is the latest example to prove that. It is about time that vendors realize that they don’t need to add a feature just because it can be added and it can be used in advertising the product. It is about the art of saying no. Nothing can say it better than this video from Apple.

  • murthy

    About 23 percent of total claimed storage is not available to users by the Mobile manufacturer is not cheat ? Why can’t the manufacturer mention as 24GB, instead of 32 GB?

    • I-C-E-D

      it’s technically not; they’re telling you how much total space there is, not how much is being used

      i don’t like it but it’s the sad truth that this is legal and will continue to happen

  • Aulo Aasmaa

    Telling the technical storage amount is OK, because technically you can update to your own version of Android and therefore have a different amount of storage left. So telling the original storage capacity is OK. Telling free space would be OK of course, but hardly seen.