LG G Flex’s self-healing back panel demoed in a video


LG had recently claimed that its latest smartphone, the G Flex, does not only offer a surprisingly flexible body but also comes with self-healing properties. Following which, Marques Brownlee has posted a YouTube video which shows that the phone indeed has self-healing properties. The LG G Flex comes a special coating on its back which absorbs scratches and heals back to the original form over a few minutes time.

As shown in this video, Brownlee used a key and sharp knife blade to put scratches on the back of the phone to test its self-healing properties. And it actually easily recovered from these light damages and scratches after a few minutes time. And even though the marks of deep scratches remained somewhat visible, this interesting feature still makes the G Flex better than its counterparts.

The point to keep in mind is that the technology is used only on the back panel, while the display is vulnerable to damages.

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