LG reportedly buys webOS from HP for smart TVs [update]


CNET is reporting that LG has apperently bought belagured webOS from HP to use in smart TVs. According to the report, LG has acquiered the source code, patents and employees from HP, in addition to more stuff that has not been revealed. For those who don’t know HP had bought Palm for webOS and then it shelved its webOS product line after the failure of the HP TouchPad tablet. Then under Meg Whitman, HP open-sourced the platform.

Previously, reports suggested that LG was working on a smart TV based on open webOS and it had hoped to show it off at CES which did not happen, but if this report is true then we could be looking a lot of webOS in the future.

Reportedly, the webOS team will make up the “heart and soul” of its new Silicon Valley Lab in California.

Update: It appears that CNET has pulled the story from its website. So one does not know the veracity of the story for sure. We will track this actively and update the post accordingly.


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