LG to launch a slew of new products at CES, Ultrabooks and Notebooks galore

LG is going to show-off a slew of new products at CES including two Ultrabooks, two 3D notebooks and an All-in-one with a 3D IPS display. The Ultrabooks, Z330 and Z430 will be the company’s first Ultrabooks. The Z330 will feature a 13.3-inch HD display and will be powered by an Intel Core i7 processor alongside a SATA3 SSD drive. Unique to the Z330 is a super compact clutch bezel giving the 13.3-inch Ultrabook a bezel more akin to a 12-incher. Besides this LG claims the Z330 will be only 14.7-mm thin and will weigh only 1.21Kg. On the flip side, the Z430 will feature a larger 14-inch display, alongside this the ultrabook will run Intel’s core i7 processors in concert with a SDD drive for a quick boot and a 500GB hardrive. The device will weigh 1.50 Kgs.

Apart from the Ultrabooks, LG has also introduced the P365 and A540 3D notebooks. The P365 notebook will come equipped with 15.6-inch 3D display and will be powered by an Intel core i7 processor and an Nvidia GT630M graphics chip for high quality graphics. LG claims the notebook will weigh 2.2 kg. The A540 notebook will don a 15.6-inch glassless 3D display and will feature 4.1-channel 3D sound. Besides these niceties the device will be powered by the combination of a quad-core Intel core i7 processor and Nvidia’s GT 555 chipset. Alongside all these products, LG will also unveil a 23-inch All-in-one, the V300 which will feature Film patterned retarder 3D technology and a IPS display. It will feature a triple camera touch sensor for a superior multi-touch experience, the company claims.