> > Logitech UE launches a slew of Ultimate Ears headphones, and portable speakers

Logitech UE launches a slew of Ultimate Ears headphones, and portable speakers


Logitech bought a brand called Ultimate Ears a few years ago, and it was known for its professional audio products, with a number of artists endorsing their products. Today, Logitech launched a number of new products from its Ultimate Ears sub-brand which include a number of high-end monitoring earphones to portable Bluetooth speakers. All in all there are five new products that include the UE Mobile Boombox, and the UE Boombox speakers, and the UE 6000 and UE 9000 headphones, and the UE 900 professional monitoring earphones.

Starting with the UE Mobile Boombox, Logitech delivers a super portable Bluetooth speaker that can connect with up to 8 devices and switch music via two devices. It features an attractive finish that combines the use of metallic accents and rubberized grips. It also comes with a built-in microphone and one can also use it as a Bluetooth enabled speakerphone. It has a built-in battery so that it can be used on the go. It costs Rs 8,995.

The UE Boombox is a larger portable speaker and features eight full-range drivers. It also can pair with up to eight Bluetooth enabled devices. Design-wise it features a sculpted aluminum body and integrates a battery that can play up to six hours. Of course, the battery life is dependent on volume levels. It costs Rs 21,995.

The UE 6000 headphones are active noise canceling closed back over headphones. They integrate an amplifier for an active connection that boosts the output from mobile devices for a better sonic experience. They even come with output splitter so people can share music more easily. According to Logitech, they have a comfortable foldable design and provide a wide and detailed sound stage, something we intend to test once they come in for review. Logitech also claims that they have plush foam cushions that are as soft as leather, which make listening to music comfortable over long periods. They can be bought for Rs 17,995.

The UE 9000 are wireless headphones and can connect to devices via bluetooth. They also come with an optional cable for wired connections, and this feature will appeal to audiophiles as there is no compression in audio over a wired connection. Logitech says that these headphones have high-resolution drivers that deliver a flat frequency response, and the sound is not colored. The headphones also integrate controls for controlling the volume, changing songs and receiving calls. They cost Rs 31,995.

Last but not the least is the UE 900 professional monitoring earphones. These earphones have been designed for artists who perform live so that they can monitor the output of their live sound. The UE 900s incorporate four drivers, two for the low bass frequencies, one for the mids and one for the high-end treble frequencies. Logitech says that they provide a flat frequency response and a wide soundstage that is akin to being on the front-row center of a concert. The earphones feature a patented dual-bore design which boosts the sound and they provide up to 26db of noise isolation. They come bundled with eight pairs of ear cushions so that a user can easily choose one that fits his/her ear perfectly. They also have detachable barided cables, but the connector is proprietary Logitech solution so one cannot swap out the cable with a third party solution. The earphones also have onboard volume controls, a microphone and controls for changing tracks. They cost a bomb at Rs 34,995.