Lok Sabha Election Results 2014: Varanasi and Amethi are the most viewed constituencies on Google’s Election portal


Amid the hectic Lok Sabha 2014 Results day, Google India has revealed that Varanasi and Amethi are the most viewed constituencies on the search giant’s Election portal. The buzz around Varanasi is because of the battle between Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal and Amethi because of Rahul Gandhi.

Google India further reveals that as of 11AM today, Varanasi and Amethi are followed by Pune, Kachchh, Sangrur, Faridkot, Bangalore South, Baramati, New Delhi and Malkajgiri.

You can head over to Google’s election portal for live streams from all leading news channels in India as they cover the counting day. Alternatively, you can also check out these apps for up-to-date results.

Get Live Updates of Lok Sabha Election Results 2014 here.

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