Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Narendra Modi and AAP most tweeted about in the past 24 hours


With the Lok Sabha elections having kicked off in India, the social media is abuzz with people discussing about the national event. Twitter India today revealed that in the past 24 hours the elections frenzy has seen over 628,467 tweets relating to the Lok Sabha elections, which have reached out to over 1.69 billion people.

As far as trends go, Narendra Modi is topping the charts with most number of tweets about him, followed by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Other elections related topics/hashtags to trend include BJP India, #Elections2014, #vote4Jhaadu, #GetInked and #iamwithcongress among others. In fact the micro blogging website reveals that four out of five Twitter trends are related to elections.

Not surprisingly, some of the most retweeted and favorited tweets too are elections related. Kiran Bedi’s tweet was retweeted 2,459 times and favorited 1,385 times. This was followed by a tweet by Narendra Modi, which was retweeted 1,121 times and favorited 844 times.


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