MapmyIndia launches ‘Mappls SafeWorld’ for emergency response


MapmyIndia has launched GIS and GPS solutions that will offer better safety and security for users. The service promises to empower authorities to respond in much quicker time then is taken to get information about any crime or emergency.

Computer aided Dispatch or CAD promises to provide a solution for emergency response where authorities lack and make their response time much faster. The service features high definition maps, GPS tracking hardware, GPS navigation and integration with CCTV network and other security systems.

The system can be used by Police, Fire, Ambulance and Homeland Security officials for counter-terrorism, defense and disaster management.

Any user of the service will be able to be identified with their accurate location on the map by the police, the nearest police station and PCR van can be identified and the most important feature is that all this will be in real time.

If all the features of the service pan out then this could be very helpful in ensuring safety and security of the people.

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