MapmyIndia Rover can track your car in real-time, now available for Rs 11,990


MapmyIndia has launched Rover, a device that promises to help owners track their vehicles in real time via GPS, for Rs 11,990. It promises to report live location of the cars they are fitted in, hence helping users keep a track of their cars. Fleet owners and cars driven by multiple drivers can not only be tracked in real time but a log of its whereabouts can be maintained too. That makes the Rover a great device for safety purposes.

So, what can Rover do?

Apart from emitting GPS signals, which help in live-tracking the vehicle on mobile and web-browsers, Rover can also send e-mail and SMS notifications to the owner if the vehicle takes a detour from the pre-set route or goes out of the pre-defined boundary. It can be made to send notifications if there’s speed limit violation. Also, regular reports about the routes taken by the car, distance travelled and speeds maintained can be sent to the owner too.

And that’s not all. Rover gets an internal antenna and battery, helping it sustain as a standalone device, in an unfortunate event when the vehicle stops functioning. It’s splash-proof, making its sustenance even better. The owner can also remotely switch the car’s engine off from his mobile device, thereby minimizing theft.

The device can be of great use if you want to track your cars without having to be in the vehicle at all times. The frequent alerts and other options make it great value for money too. It uses MapmyIndia maps, and joins the range of 4 tracking devices available from the company.

Other options in the market include similar systems by Autocop. They offer same functionality but rely on other maps-services for information, unlike Rover, which uses MapmyIndia maps. Autocop’s TP2000 with similar specs retails for about Rs 9,500. The Autocop device also features tow-away detection and two way voice communication over Rover’s standard features.

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