> > Microsoft’s Windows Blue update will reportedly cover multiple product lineups

Microsoft’s Windows Blue update will reportedly cover multiple product lineups

We have reported earlier that Microsoft is working on an update named Blue for Windows 8,  and to add on to it a report by ZDNet suggests that this update will not only be restricted to Windows, and will cover a range of Microsoft products. Apparently, Microsoft has kept the ‘Blue’ codename for a series of updates covering multiple products.

Blue, which has so far been reported to carry a set of features update only to Windows 8, is now reported to be a platform update for various Microsoft’s products like Windows Phone, Windows server and other services including Skydrive, hotmail and more. However, users can expect some firmware updates, addition of features to Windows 8 and Windows RT along with Windows Services and Windows Phone 8 before Blue is rolled out to all platforms.

This clearly implies that Blue will not really be refreshment applied to a specific product, but is the name of a whole family of updates that Microsoft has in-store for its products and services.

Microsoft has so far been bringing updates to its Windows OS after a span of two to three years, but Blue will reportedly be the first of its kind as it will be done within a year, and from then onwards updates will be given to all products on a yearly basis.

Instead of rolling out Windows 9 or 10, Microsoft could stick to Blue like update patterns for the all its products in the future.

We are expecting some changes to the user experience and new dev-platform. There might also be some tweaks in Internet Explorer, Bing and integrated apps like Mail, and other features in the update could result in an extended battery life. Moreover, this might be made available via the Windows Store to help in quick implementation of software updates.