Microsoft’s entertainment chief talks up the next Xbox without going into specifics

It’s perhaps a foregone conclusion that we will see a new Xbox at E3 in June. In fact only hours back we filled some more details about the product that has been codenamed Durango. Even Sony is hosting an event on February 20, which could be for the PlayStation 4, so a new Xbox is definitely in the works, but Microsoft will not admit it till it’s officially out. Talking at The D: Dive Into Media conference, Microsoft’s head of entertainment Yusuf Mehdi dropped a lot of hints at what to expect from the Xbox in the future, but he did not go into any specifics.

When pressed about the rumored Xbox 720, Mehdi said “Other people will try some lower-end things; what we will do is things that are big and beautiful.”

He then went on to say that users will be able have premium content, voice control and things that people had never done before.

As a side note he proclaimed that the Xbox 360 was a better entertainment console than the PlayStation 3 and citied the fact that more entertainment companies were making content for the Xbox 360 because of that particular reason.


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