Microsoft asks HTC to give Windows Phone option on its Android smartphones: Bloomberg


Even after setting out to acquire Nokia’s handset business to have an Apple-like vertically integrated hardware and software smartphone strategy, Microsoft is reportedly courting HTC to have Windows Phone 8 on more smartphones. The struggling Taiwanese smartphone vendor hasn’t introduced any devices running on Windows Phone after launching the 8X and 8S around the launch of Windows Phone 8 platform towards the end of 2012.

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft’s Terry Myerson, who heads the OS unit, has asked HTC to give users an option of Windows Phone on its Android smartphone. In return, Microsoft would cut or even eliminate the licensing fee it charges vendors on every unit it ships that runs Windows Phone.

Though unlikely that HTC would provide a dual-booting option in a smartphone that could run either Android or Windows Phone, it is also unclear how easy would it be to port Windows Phone on the same Android hardware without any significant modifications. It has been sort of done in the past when Nokia modified its MeeGo running N9 smartphone to launch its first Windows Phone device, the Lumia 800. It is also unknown whether HTC even wants to get into Windows Phone again especially after lack lustre sales and Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, though HTC and Microsoft have been long-time partners for more than a decade tracing back to the original Windows CE powered PDA devices.

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