Microsoft buys Nokia but still has eyes on BlackBerry: Bloomberg


After acquiring Nokia’s handset business, Microsoft still has its eyes set on BlackBerry, Bloomberg reports citing anonymous sources. BlackBerry recently announced it was open to strategic partnerships including a sale and its presence in the enterprise segment could be of interest to Microsoft.

The report also mentions how Microsoft rushed the Nokia acquisition, which was completed in about six months. Microsoft first approached Nokia in February at this year’s MWC in Barcelona to discuss the acquisition. Both companies were of the opinion that the two-year partnership between Nokia and Microsoft wasn’t working. Both the companies’ marketing campaigns were overlapping and Nokia’s Lumia smartphones still had just 3 percent of overall smartphone market share.

Nokia’s codename in the talks was Nurmi, after the nine-time gold medal runner Paavo Johannes Nurmiknown as the “the Flying Finn” while Microsoft was called Edwin Moses, after the American track-and-field athlete. Nokia’s board met more than 50 times through summer to discuss the deal. “This transaction makes a lot of sense rationally but gets complicated emotionally,” said Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia’s chairman and now interim CEO during yesterday’s press conference to discuss the deal.

The deal comes at a time when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is already on his way out. Microsoft’s attempts to become a device and services company hasn’t been a success so far. Its Surface tablet, for instance, was a failure that cost Microsoft $900 million. Nokia was the sole handset vendor dedicated to Windows Phone and a situation, where Nokia felt that its Lumia smartphones are not worth the time and money being poured into it, would have killed Microsoft’s smartphone dreams for good.

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