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Microsoft Details Windows App Store for Win 8

With the pubic beta of Windows 8 right around the corner Microsoft has detailed some of the salient features of the upcoming Windows app store. The store was previously shown-off in December and will launch in beta right alongside the beta build of Windows 8. According to Microsoft’s latest blog, the store will allow app developers to charge between $1.49 and $999 for apps, besides allowing free and demo apps.  As of now there are no restrictions on the number of installable apps, however the app store will restrict installation on up-to five PCs after which it will prompt users to remove a device.

Microsoft is pushing its Metro interface hard even in its apps store for a fluid simplistic experience.  Even the application for Windows 8 will incorporate the Metro UI much like Windows Phone. Microsoft is touting a simplistic search, discover, install and update experience for the Windows app store and it will be the sole source of Metro style apps. Microsoft will be advertising some desktop applications in the store if they meet the Desktop app certification needs but on the whole the Windows store will be the haven for Metro style apps. The inflow of Metro style apps will begin next month. While you wait for that, how about catching up on a video of the apps store posted by the boys at Redmond after the break?