> > Microsoft set to unveil the Xbox 720 on May 21: Report

Microsoft set to unveil the Xbox 720 on May 21: Report


Microsoft, as we had reported earlier, is planning to launch the next-gen Xbox codenamed the ‘Durango’ at the E3 in June this year, but now it seems the Redmond-based company has different plans. Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott revealed that the console will be unveiled at an event on May 21.

Further to this revelation, the folks at TheVerge have confirmed the date with Microsoft officials, who have further revealed that the event on May 21 will be a small affair where only the initial details of console will be revealed, followed by a full unveiling a few weeks later at E3 in June.

The Xbox 720 has been in the news quite a lot recently with leaks from different quarters revealing features that are expected on the console. For one the console is expected to feature a Siri-like voice command function, will be able to play multiple games at once and also sport a new controller. Not all the leaks have been positive though and Microsoft has faced a lot of flak because of rumors about the console having to be always connected to the Internet.

You can watch the video below where Paul talks about the new launch date for the Xbox 720.