Microsoft shows Windows Phone device with Samsung’s YOUM flexible display at CES

If we were to name one company that owned CES, it has to be Samsung. From curved televisions to transforming refrigerators to almost getting the toaster refrigerator combo, Samsung came out all guns blazing. But it saved something for the very last, its YOUM flexible OLED display. Samsung officially took the wraps off the flexible display at its CES keynote session but the bigger news was that Microsoft is already working with the YOUM display and had a prototype to show!

“Some companies talk about a reality distortion field. We actually built one,” said Microsoft’s chief technical strategy officer, Eric Rudder while showing off the prototype taking a jab at Apple. While it is in early stages of development, we cannot wait to see a flexible, rollable future where displays fold and unfold to switch between smartphones and tablets. Samsung says that future isn’t far away!

Photo Courtesy: CNET

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