Microsoft to launch next generation Xbox in 2013 holiday season: Bloomberg

For the past year people have been wondering when Microsoft will launch the next version of Xbox. While it is still yet to do so, its competitor Nintendo is already out with its next generation console – The Wii U. Bloomberg believes that users will need to wait for another year as according to it Microsoft will release the next version of the Xbox in the 2013 holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If that is the case, then common sense would dictate an Xbox unveil at the June gaming event E3 where normally all new consoles are unveiled. In fact, in 2011 Nintendo gave a first glimpse of the Wii U at E3. Having said that, the Bloomberg report contradicts this. It claims that Microsoft has not yet decided weather to unveil the product at E3 or at a dedicated event.

Ever since its launch in 2005, Microsoft has sold over 70 million units of the Xbox 360. In spite of its relative age the console is still doing well. In 2010 Microsoft breathed new life in the console with its Kinect accessory that enabled gesture based games.

In 2012 at E3 Microsoft added more multimedia capabilities to the console and also launched an cross platform app called ‘Smart Glass’ that enabled users to control aspects of the console from a smartphone or a tablet. It also enabled the user to use the smartphone like a companion device to the large screen.


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