Microsoft to launch Xbox One in India in September 2014


The gaming console war never takes a back seat, but with Playstation 4 having made to the Indian market a few months ago, it looks like Microsoft Xbox has a lot to catch up. But Xbox fans need not worry as the console is headed to India in September. Microsoft has officially announced that Xbox One will be launched in 26 markets in September this year, India being one of them.

The console is Xbox 360′s successor, and promises to take it all a level ahead. It is powered by an 8-core processor and 8GB of RAM, comes with an internal hard disk and can also play Blu-ray discs. It comes with new features like the ability to control certain functions on the console using your smartphone or tablet with the help of Xbox SmartGlass app. You can also run background apps while playing games on the Xbox One.

Further details about the console will be out next month i.e. in April. So, stay tuned!
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