Microsoft Xbox 360 price in India dropped to Rs 21,990 for the 250GB version


Ahead of Microsoft Xbox One’s launch (scheduled to be out in September), the prices of certain versions of the Xbox 360 have been slashed by the company. The 250GB Xbox 360 now costs Rs 21,990 and the 250GB Xbox 360 with Kinect is available for Rs 31,990.

While the prices for the 250GB versions have seen a decline, the prices for the base 4GB versions (both the console and console+Kinect combo) remain unchanged. The drop of about Rs 3,000 on the Xbox 360 is complemented by the scheme called Xbox Live Gold Rush Promo, which offers 36 free games on the purchase of Xbox Live Gold Membership. It will be valid from May 21 to July 30th 2014.

Microsoft will launch the Xbox One in September this year, but prices for the same haven’t been finalised yet. In comparison, the Sony PlayStation 4 was launched in India for Rs 39,990 but is facing inventory shortage.

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