Microsoft’s IllumiRoom Project brings experiences out of your TV [video]

Microsoft might not have a presence at the show floors of CES but it certainly was not absent from the show. Steve Ballmer made a surprise entry at Qualcomm’s opening keynote, which has always had Bill Gates or Ballmer in the last 13 years. And then the company announced it had sold 60 million Windows 8 licenses so far. However, it saved the best for Samsung’s keynote, where it first showed a Windows Phone hardware prototype with Samsung’s flexible display and then something totally out of the world. Or should we say out of the TV. Read on to find out…

Microsoft revealed it was working on a project it calls IllumiRoom that brings experiences out of the user’s television. Researchers used Kinect for Windows to map the room in real-time in order to make projected illusions fully interactive. The system uses Kinect paired with a projector that would project visualizations outside the TV frame for an immersive experience.

The researchers say their system can change the appearance of the room, induce apparent motion, extend the field of view, and enable entirely new game experiences. “Our system uses the appearance and the geometry of the room (captured by Kinect) to adapt the projected visuals in real-time without any need to custom pre-process the graphics,” they say.

Microsoft will spill more beans about this research project at the CHI2013 event that takes place in Paris starting April 27. Check out the cool demo below, which Microsoft says has not used any special effects during processing.

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