Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox to feature Siri-like natural voice command feature: Report

We all know that Microsoft is planning to launch the next generation Xbox console this year at E3. A lot of documents have been leaked about what Microsoft may end-up doing. Only yesterday we reported that Microsoft will not allow users to play used games and now The Verge is reporting that Microsoft will introduce a Siri-like feature in the next Xbox console. Apparently, the new console will support voice recognition, natural language and speech-to-text  and users will be able to walk in to a room and say ‘Xbox On’ to activate the console.

Microsoft is also working on scenarios where Kinect will be used to detect individuals in a room and suggest appropriate multiplayer games. We could also expect scenarios where natural language could be used to ask the Xbox ‘What are my friends playing.’ Additionally some kind of Skype integration can also be expected now that Skype is fully part of Microsoft. Perhaps users could use speech-to-text to send messages using Skype.


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