Microsoft's next Xbox could be named as Xbox Infinity

We usually expect specification and information leak before the launch of a much anticipated device, and now that the date of release of Microsoft’s next variant of Xbox is being revealed and also getting closer, here is what the rumor town holds for you about the gaming device. As per another bit of information on Forbes, Microsoft’s new console will be named either as the ‘Xbox Infinity’ or just the ‘Xbox’, instead of Xbox 720 or Xbox HD.

Forbes claims that apart from its sources, chatter on Twitter and other platforms  also suggest the next-generation Xbox to hold the ‘Infinity’ name tag, however, the invites sent out for the release have the name of the device as just ‘Xbox’. And this is not the report also claims to confirm the previously rumored touch-sensitive interface on the Xbox’s controllers, which is now believed to features support gestures and more touch oriented smart functions as well.

There also is another rumor that the new gaming console will not really require the previously speculated an always-on Internet connection and game publishers can develop games with or without the Internet being required to play these.

So far, the next-gen Xbox also been speculated to feature Siri-like voice command feature, and multiple game-play support.

Microsoft will unveil the next-gen Xbox on May 21.

  • Published Date: April 30, 2013 12:10 PM IST