Microsoft’s smartband to launch in Q4 2014, priced around $199: Report


Last month, we came across the first few details of Microsoft’s cross-platform smartband. Noted journalist Paul Thurrott has now confirmed most of the rumors, as well as revealing that the forthcoming wearable device will be priced the same as the Samsung Gear.

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, which has recently been ungraded to run on the Tizen OS, is priced at $199. According to Thurrott’s sources, Microsoft’s smartband too will be priced around the same. Besides the price tag, Thurrott doesn’t reveal anything new, but confirms a few of the earlier rumors.

For one, he confirms that the smartband will be compatible with iOS and Android, making it one of the first wearable devices to do so. In terms of design, it will look similar to Nike’s FuelBand, but will be thinner and flatter than the former. It will also boast as many as 11 sensors that will track your fitness and health.

Earlier reports claimed that Microsoft is planning to launch it in October, which would put it around the same time as Apple’s reported timeline for the iWatch launch. While not mentioning October specifically, Thurrott’s sources claim that the smartband will launch in Q4 2014.

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