Microsoft’s Threshold update could be called “Windows 9” and arrive in April 2015: Report


Microsoft, as we have reported before, is working on its next major Windows update codenamed, Threshold. According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, it will reveal plans for the forthcoming OS, including naming it “Windows 9”, at this year’s BUILD conference in April.

Foley adds that Microsoft will be releasing three test versions — called milestones — before releasing the final version sometime in April 2015. As mentioned above, Microsoft is also likely to name this new OS as “Windows 9”, so people don’t confuse it as merely an update for Windows 8.

From what we know so far, Threshold will boast a new and improved “Metro UI” and is also aiming at bringing a unified user experience for Windows, Windows Phone and the Xbox One platforms, which would help developers with releasing apps. Microsoft is also said to be planning on adding a Start Menu on the new OS, but unlike the menu on Windows 8.1, Threshold’s menu will be more on the lines of what we are used to since Windows 95.