> > Mobile apps to generate $77 billion revenue by 2017: Gartner

Mobile apps to generate $77 billion revenue by 2017: Gartner


Mobile apps are expected to generate revenue of more than 77 billion dollars in the next three years, a new research report has revealed. Research firm Gartner has predicted that mobile apps are going to become one of the most popular computing tools across the globe by 2017 as app downloads would reach to more than 268 billion times.

The firm revealed that mobile users would provide personalized data streams to more than 100 apps and services every day. Research director at the firm, Brian Blau said that mobile apps have become the official channel to drive content and services to consumers and there is an app for practically anything a connected consumer may want to achieve.

Gartner said that brands and businesses have been already using mobile apps as part of user engagement strategies, and as use of mobile devices, including wearables, expands into other areas of consumer and business activities, mobile apps are gaining significance. Blau said that in the next three to four years, apps will no longer be simply confined to smartphones and tablets, but will impact a wider set of devices, from home appliances to cars and wearable devices, and wearable devices will drive 50 percent of total app interactions.