More than 50% of Google employees are against the firing of James Damore: Survey

James Damore was fired for publishing a 10-page anti-diversity 'manifesto' that went viral.


It’s been a rough week for Google. Earlier this week, the tech giant fired engineer James Damore, who published a 10-page long anti-diversity manifesto. Social media has already been abuzz about the memo with both in favor and against the former Google employee. However, according to a recent survey conducted by Blind, which is an anonymous corporate networking app, employees at Silicon Valley are also divided and hold different opinions about the matter.

In his manifesto, Damore explained why there are not more women in tech jobs and called for more ideological diversity in Google’s workplace. The memo argues that the gender gaps at Google are the result of biological differences between men and women and that the company shouldn’t offer programs that help under-represented groups. ALSO READ: Sundar Pichai cancelled diversity and gender Town Hall after Google employees reports online harassment

In the survey, people were asked about their thoughts on whether Google should have fired Damore or not and received around 4,000 different answers. Out of the total number of people surveyed, 441 were said to be Google employees who responded. Of them, more than half, 56 percent to be precise, opposed Google’s decision of firing James Damore.


Damore received most of the support from Uber, where 64 percent of employees disagreed with Google’s decision. At Yahoo and Airbnb, 60 percent and 58 percent people disagreed, respectively. Even in companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon, 57 percent, 56 percent and 54 percent employees disagreed with Google’s decision, respectively.

At Apple, about 49 percent employees thought Google was wrong to fire Damore. From the above stats, it is very clear that the former Google Engineer actually had significant support from all major tech firms. ALSO READ: Google’s sacking of ‘anti-diversity’ employee is right under the circumstances

Damore has already filed a formal complaint with the National Labor Relations Board, claiming his rights were violated. Soon after the who matter went viral, Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks came out in favor of James and even offered him and other Google engineers a job at Wikileaks. Assange, went further to say that ‘Censorship is for losers’.

  • Published Date: August 11, 2017 8:13 PM IST