Moto G launching in India this week, will be sold exclusively via online retailers


As expected, Motorola is preparing to launch the Moto G in India sometime this week. However, it is unlikely to be available in brick-and-mortar stores as the company is looking to launch it exclusively through online retailers in India, BGR India has learnt.

At the moment, Motorola is quickly rolling out the Moto G in multiple markets, with Australia, Malaysia and Dubai being the latest ones. Rather than setting up a retail and distribution network, Motorola is going the quick way of tying up with partners – either retail chains or carriers – without setting up its own go to market teams in most markets. India will be the same with Flipkart confirmed to be one of the partners for the launch. It is unclear at the moment whether Flipkart would be the exclusive partner in the beginning.

Sources tell BGR India that Motorola had tried working with both Ingram Micro and Redington to distribute the Moto G in brick-and-mortar stores but things did not work out for reasons unknown. We believe that the absence of a dedicated Motorola team in the country could be one of the reasons.

Currently Motorola does not have a go to market team in India though the company is mulling on the road ahead and is most likely to have some representation in India later this year. Multiple people BGR India has spoken to in the past couple of months have indicated that Brazil and India are the priority markets for Motorola.

As a product, the Moto G is certainly a game changer but as we delve deeper it seems an unusual go to market strategy for a once upon a time tier one brand. “With the Moto G and its global launch pattern, it is clear that Motorola is testing waters to gauge the demand for its products and figure out which markets it should focus on as it prepares its strategy for 2015,” one of the market research analysts we spoke to remarked.

With the announcement around the corner, more than the price, we would be looking forward to learning more about how Motorola is planning to tackle after-sales service. For all we know, it could be very similar to Nexus devices bought from Google’s Play store where repairs/replacements are handled online, where one has to raise a query and the device is shipped rather than having to visit a service centre.

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