Motorola sells 20,000 units of Moto E in under one hour on Flipkart [Update: Nope]


Motorola seems to have sold 20,000 units of the Moto E in under one hour as the phone went on sale again on Flipkart. The bizarre thing about the Moto E selling out today is that Flipkart was down for most of the duration since the phone went on sale at 11AM. Last time, it took Motorola less than 16 hours to sell its first lot, which BGR India estimates to be about 80,000-85,000 units. Flipkart had announced it was putting up 20,000 units on sale today.

UPDATE: After putting up a notice that the Moto E is out of stock, Flipkart has clarified on Twitter that the phone is not out of stock and their website has hit a glitch that they are trying to fix.

UPDATE 2: Looks like Flipkart has sorted the problems. The Moto E became available to buy again at around 5PM (IST).

It is strange that Flipkart couldn’t be better prepared for the anticipated rush considering it had not only announced the time when the phone will be available but also how many units it had in stock.

The Moto E, priced at Rs 6,999 offers much better features and specifications than most smartphones in that price segment. It is the only smartphone priced below Rs 10,000 that offers Gorilla Glass 3 as well as water resistance.

We were impressed by the performance of the Moto E and you can check out our review here.

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