Movie goer gets interrogated by Homeland Security for wearing Google Glass!


Wearing Google Glass to the movies might not be a smart move yet as the plight of a movie goer in Columbus, Ohio suggests. Thought to be illegally recording the movie on his Google Glass, the user had to undergo consecutive grueling interrogation sessions with people who claimed to be agents from the Department of Homeland Security. The agents had no clue about how Google Glass worked and the victim had to show his personal photographs to them in order to prove his innocence.

On January 18 the above mentioned Google Glass user had gone to a movie with his wife in Columbus, Ohio. Midway through the movie, his spectacles were forcibly removed by a guy, and was taken out of the movie theater, along with his wife, for a long interrogation with people claiming to be from federal service. The user was told that he was caught illegally taping the movie and that things could take an ugly turn if he didn’t cooperate, according to The Gadgeteer. He was using Google Glass with prescription glasses and had turned off the device. Anyway, Google Glass is not capable enough for long video recording sessions. (Read our review of Google Glass here)

All said and done, the authorities tried to make up for all that the user had to go through by giving him four free passes for the movie. Seriously?