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Mozilla developing Firefox for the Metro UI on Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft wants the world to adapt to a new way of operating its PCs via the Metro UI. While the old Windows desktop will remain, it is actually the Metro UI that Microsoft wants developers to use. It is heavily promoting the WinRT development environment, which will be the common denominator on ARM and Intel Windows PCs. So it was quite obvious that all major Windows apps would go the Metro way, and the popular Firefox browser made by Mozilla is amongst the first wave.

Mozilla has detailed the development cycle for Firefox for Windows 8 on its MozillaWiki page. The Firefox app will take full advantage of the touch interface enhancements of the Metro UI and will have support for tabs, awesomebars and navigation controls.

Mozilla believes it will have a concept of the app ready by Q2 of 2012. The company says that the app will utilize the OS’ ability to interact with other third-party apps. Mozilla is also toying with the idea of a ‘Live-Tile for the Metro start display, where the app would update data in the background and provide updates via the ‘Live Tile’.

There is no mention of Flash support, though we believe it is highly unlikely that Mozilla will add the functionality as Microsoft has already dumped support for Flash in Metro mode for IE 10 and anyways Adobe is discontinuing further development of Flash.