Mozilla updates its Firefox OS Simulator to version 3.0, introduces new features like Push to Device and an updated UI among others

Mozilla launched its Firefox OS at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013. For developers to build and port apps to this fledgling platform, Mozilla had released Keon and Peak handsets and Firefox OS Simulators last year. Now, Mozilla has updated its Firefox OS Simulator to version 3.0, bringing with it quite a few new features.

A Firefox OS Simulator runs as an extension in Mozilla’s browser and is available on Linux, Windows and OS X. The latest version brings with it new features like Push to Device, which allows you to transfer apps installed on the Simulator to a Firefox OS device when connected via USB, basic geolocation API simulation, rotation simulation and an updated version of Firefox’s rendering engine and its UI Gaia. In addition to these features, the new version of the Simulator also brings with it stability fixes for installation and updates to certain apps.

You can download the Simulator at Mozilla’s FTP server listed under a codename r2d2b2g and can also find step-by-step instructions for installation on the Mozilla blog.