MWC 2014: Here’s what to expect


After weeks of rumors and conjectures, it is finally time for the companies to give the rumor mills a break and make things official. Yes, the Mobile World Congress or MWC is upon us. Over the next few days, Barcelona will be buzzing with journalists and companies from around the globe as they gather to witness the best in the mobile industry. Let’s take a look at what we could expect from the week-long event.

We start with Samsung, which has kicked off MWC early by unveiling its new smartwatches — the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo. These new smarwatches look sleeker than before, and the South Korean company has surprised everyone by opting for the Tizen OS to power these smartwatches.

Additionally, it is also expected to unveil the Galaxy S5. A lot has been talked about the flagship and there is much anticipation surrounding the new device. In addition to top-of-the-line specs, it is also expected to boast Samsung’s new TouchWiz UI. You can check out all that we know about the device here. The South Korean company is also said to be planning on unveiling two tablets, one called the Galaxy Tab 4 and the other will be its first ever tablet with a bendable display.

We move on to Nokia, which will be unveiling its first Android smartphone. The Nokia X will run on a forked Android OS, complete with a suite of apps from Microsoft. You can check out all that we know about the device here.

Though the rumor mills have been busy spewing out stuff on the successor to the HTC One, MWC isn’t the place where we will get to see the device. Instead, HTC is said to be planning on unveiling a new device called the Desire 8 alongside its first smartwatch.

LG didn’t wait till the event and has instead already announced the G2 mini and the G Pro 2. But we could see these devices live for the first time at the MWC. The company will also debut the third-generation L-Series of smartphones with three new devices called the L40, L70 and L90.

Sony too will be busy showing off its latest flagship smartphone and tablet. The Xperia Z2 has been in the news for quite a while now (you will find everything about the flagship device here), while we have only heard a bit about the Xperia Tablet Z2. Additionally, the Japanese company could also unveil a mid-range device called the Xperia G.

Huawei is expected to unveil a smartphone, a tablet and its first smartwatch as well. We have got a glimpse at the tablet and the smartwatch when a photo leaked online earlier today. ZTE too is expected to unveil a new phablet called the Grand Memo II alongside the Open C, which will run on the Firefox OS.

BlackBerry, which is going through a tough time, will surely be wishing for a change in fortunes when it showcases its new devices. One of them is the Z3 (codenamed Jakarta), while the other is codenamed Windermere. The latter sports a very different kind of a keyboard with a three-row layout. This new keyboard is said to recognize swipe-based gestures in addition to tapping.

Apart from new smartphones and smartwatches, we will also see Mark Zuckerberg delivering a keynote address. Though the topics of his discussions are under the wraps, expect him to talk about the $19 billion WhatsApp deal.

We will extensively covering every event as it happens in Barcelona so stay tuned.

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