MWC 2014 Live: Microsoft Windows 8.1 update arriving in Spring


Microsoft has kicked off Mobile World Congress by announcing the first major update for Windows 8.1. This update will arrive sometime in Spring and will be largely focused at improving the experience for mouse and keyboard users. Additionally, this update will also bring an improved compatibility with education and enterprise.

While Windows 8 focused on touch-screens, the new update is in a way going back to its roots by improving non-touch UI controls.  This includes a new mouse user interface, including the use of right click for Start and to close apps. Microsoft is also adding search, power, and settings icons on the Start screen. It will also be easier to launch and switch between apps through the task bar. This update also adds an Internet Explorer 8 compatibility mode for IE11.

What this update also does is allow hardware manufacturers to make lower specced devices with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, which will also be more affordable.

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